What do I charge for a Wedding?

What do I charge for a Wedding?

So what do I charge as a celebrant fee for a wedding?

Generally, when I receive an enquiry, this is usually the first question I get asked.  In reality, its not an easy question for me to answer.  Not to be protective of my pricing, but all weddings appear to be the same but can have different needs.  Things that run through my mind is:

  • How many guests will you have?
  • Where is the wedding?
  • Do I need to bring along my portable PA system?
  • How far is the wedding located?
  • Do you want anything special that will impact on the price?
  • Did you want a wedding rehearsal?

Generally, with one phone call with the bride or groom, I am able to provide you with a verbal quote and follow this up with emailed quote detailing all the inclusions and exclusions shortly after our discussion. 

In this way, I am tailoring my celebrant fee to your ceremony needs.  More than likely I am not doing myself a favour financially by not advertising a set price regardless of the size and complexity or travel, however, as a Celebrant is one of the most important components to a wedding , I always want to provide value for money to a couple. 

So I hope this explains a little more about I go about quoting fees and hope more couples will enquire with Celebrade. 

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