Ever thought of eloping in Brisbane?

Ever thought of eloping in Brisbane?

If you have thought of eloping in Brisbane, have you ever thought of a lunchtime wedding?

I like to think the definition to elope is to run away secretly in order to get married.  So can you really elope in Brisbane and is it a really hard thing to do?  With some planning it’s not difficult at all and especially if you have Celebrade involved.  It is my goal to make the process of preparing and conducting your wedding as smooth as possible.  Not everyone wants to have a lavish wedding and guest list of more than 150, so a quick and simple wedding at a convenient location is a great way to go.

In the movies, you see a couple making a rushed decision and getting married.  Unfortunately, you cannot do that easily in Australia.  The Marriage Act does not allow couples to elope or marry without giving the Celebrant at least one months’ notice (unless a shortening of time is approved by the Registrar of the Queensland Births, Deaths and marriages). But for a lunchtime wedding for example, we would meet as soon as possible and complete the notice of intention to marry form signed and certified by a Celebrant. 

As soon as the time has lapsed and you are ready for the ceremony, we would meet at the place of your choice and as long as you had two witnesses, your ceremony would be completed within 20 minutes.  It’s that easy.  Many of my couples have small ceremonies and then go off to their favourite restaurant to celebrate. 

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